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Polypeptide 3 step range for normal & dry skin - three steps to younger, firmer skin

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Three steps to younger, firmer skin - the Millionaire Polypeptide 3-step range for normal to dry skin

Polypeptides are some of the most exciting ingredients in skin care! They stimulate our skin to produce more collagen and collagen is what keeps us looking younger and firmer.

They're fragments of proteins - and proteins are the building blocks of skin. Without these proteins skin can break down, losing its firm texture and becoming saggy and lined.

The three steps in the Millionaire Polypeptide range work in synergy to protect and refine normal and dry skin. With a super exfoliator, a light day serum and our rich and creamy moisturiser, the range is brimming with anti-oxidants, vitamins, peptides and hyaluronic acid to deeply penetrate and nourish.

Our Summary

If one skincare product or ingredient did everything, it would be a super product! In fact, we often need more than one to target different areas and issues and this is where my Polypeptide 3-step range works wonders.

They work in synergy to exfoliate and soften, nourish and refine - and hydrate and moisturise.

Step 1: Peel & Polish - packed with Vitamin C to brighten, AHAs to exfoliate and BHAs to hydrate, leaving skin perfectly smooth and soft. It's rich and creamy and gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, leaving skin softer, brighter and renewed. 

Step 2: Purity Skin Serum - the superfood in the trio. With concentrated orange oil and rose quartz, it targets fine lines and wrinkles, nourishes the skin and leaves it smoother and beautifully toned. It also boosts your skin's natural ability to regenerate, boosting the production of collagen and elastin to give it a firmer, younger-looking appearance.

Step 3: Polypeptide Nourishing Moisturiser - this super creamy moisturiser locks in moisture and smooths out fine lines, deeply penetrating all three layers of the skin to nourish and hydrate. Contains organic shea butter and hyaluronic acid for deep moisturising qualities.

How to use

Please see each individual product details


To see the full ingredients list of each product, follow these links:

1. Peel & Polish
2. Purity Skin Serum
3. Polypeptide Nourishing Moisturiser

More info

Our Millionaire Polypeptide 3-step skincare range works to improve the skin's natural texture, leaving it smooth, glowing and plump.

The range contains polypeptides, antioxidants, skin replenishers and other supercharged ingredients to improve skin tone, leaving it smoother, brighter and more refined.

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Resurfaces, brightens and lifts
  • Hydrates the skin, especially good for drier skin
  • Smooths fine lines and leaves skin soft and firm
  • Boosts collagen.

All of our skin care products contain natural, organic ingredients. Many have been developed to target specific skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, dark circles and acne scarring.


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