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Our Reviews

Here from our very own Millionaire Beauties on their experiences using our range. Like to share a review? Submit it here!

Nothing else has worked!


My skin is very sensitive and I am prone to get marks left behind from spots. I have tried countless products to help improve the condition of my skin but nothing ever worked as much as Millionaire Beauty Melting Magic which not only helped with acne but also redness.

The products speak for themselves

Via Instagram

I remember about a year ago Jas spent ages on the phone to me and she told me to try one product and see how I get on. I was shocked because most businesses want you to buy everything and put pressure on you. Jas was so genuine and believes in her products and they speak for themselves. 

Can't wait to try more!

Via Instagram

I managed to grab the products while they were on sale after I saw another women raving about the products on Instagram. My experience with Millionaire Beauty is every time I use it I have seen glow and umph back in my skin. Can’t wait to try more!

Evened out my skin tone...


I’ve been using the peptide trio for a year and it’s great, it’s evened out my skin tone and helped me find out what my skin really needs and what it looks like when it’s healthy and looked after. Melting Magic targeted my problem acne scars and helped out the uneven skin tone. The Super Nova is great to help hydrate the skin and plump it up and make my skin glow. Overall excellent products with a price that suits the value of the product.

Acne scarring improved dramatically! 


Jas and I spoke about my acne scarring and also my rosacea and Jas was super honest and said she can’t promise that it would work for rosacea. I decided to go against this and use Millionaire Beauty products, 3 months later my rosacea has calmed down a huge amount and acne scarring is improving dramatically.

I'm more confident in my skin


I never ever leave the house without concealer or foundation, but since I’ve been using Millionaire Beauty products such as Melting Magic, Super Nova and 5 Minute Wake Me Up for the past 8 months. My dark circles have significantly reduced and I feel a lot more confident in my skin.

My skin is a lot more glowy!

Anisah Choudhury

I’ve been using Millionaire Beauty products non-stop and have seen a drastic change in my skin. My skin is glowier and the pigmentation has gone down. I would highly recommend, favourite products are Melting Magic, Supernova and 5 Minute Wake Me Up.

Oh my, I have seen a difference...


I ordered on the Friday Flash Sale, it’s been two weeks and I've used Supernova every day, Melting Magic and Retinol Max twice a week. Oh my - I have already seen a difference, seriously thank you for Jas and her amazing products!

I'm addicted to it!


I love everything about the Millionaire Beauty brand, I’m addicted to it! Since using their products I get so many compliments on my skin. Also little tip use the remaining product left over to moisturise into your hands! Super soft.

A big difference in my skin...


I have been using Perfect Glow Skin Polish, Rebalancing Skin Serum, Daily Moisturiser and Eye Cream, Super Nova and Melting Magic twice a week. I have seen a big difference in my skin, around my mouth area has brightened up, would highly recommend to anybody who has got dark patches on their face to buy all the above products. I use Millionaire Lip Butter Scrub 2/3 times a week. My lips as appear so much brighter and I’ve also been using Super Nova on my lips as well.

Highly recommend to anybody

Shahara Begum

I have been using Perfect Glow Skin Polish, Rebalancing Skin Serum, Daily Moisturiser and Eye Cream, Super Nova and Melting Magic. I have been using all of these for about 3 weeks now and I can see a big difference. Would highly recommend to anybody that has dark patches and pigmentation on their face.

A worthwhile investment


Whoever thinks these products are expensive please please please look at the cosmetic market and see the prices they charge for rubbish that doesn’t even work. Invest in products that actually work and have been proven to work.

Acne completely cleared up!


I recommended to my niece that had broken out with acne a week before her wedding. I gave her my full Millionaire Beauty skincare kit, a few days later her acne completely cleared up and she was glowing! She even decided to steal them for her honeymoon!

Highly recommend


I’m so big on the importance of skincare. We forget it’s not just about physical fitness and good mental health, it’s also about good skincare. In fact our skin tells us a lot about the state of our body! Highly recommend.

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