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Luxury organic skin care that works.

How old you are is your business.
How young you look is ours.

Natural & vegan
100% UK-made
Packaging made from 70% recyclable materials
No more than 150 miles
Hear it from our very own Millionaire Beauties
Real Millionaire Beauty stories from real people

My everyday heaven...

Sodi Ali



Sensitive skin saviour!

Uzma Choudhary



My evening routine

Katie Baker


A miracle for eczema

Somee Malik

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Skincare Bestsellers

Max and Magic

Together, the power couple of my brand!

Millionaire Melting Magic and retinol MAX, target a range of specific skincare issues.


If you’re going to buy just one set of products this is it!


Gorgeous skin care

With 25 years’ pharmacy experience under my belt, I know that high grade ingredients are key to skin care that works, the difference between a quick fix and a long-term solution.


That’s why I only use the most concentrated, freshest, natural ingredients – the ones proven to be the very best for your skin, whether you’re looking for a deep moisturiser, a skin brightener or a product that helps minimise pigmentation, dark circles or fine lines.

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Why Millionaire Beauty?

Millionaire Beauty is a range of natural, organic skincare products that exfoliate, hydrate and moisturise all types of skin. All our skincare products are organic and vegan, and contain natural ingredients that brighten the skin, minimise dark circles and reduce pigmentation.

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