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21 Day Acne Attack Challenge

What's the 21 Day acne attack challenge?

We know how great our products are at calming acne and clearing acne scarring and we want to prove it. For 21 days use product from the acne attack bundle or acne attack pro bundle. Send in your before and after pictures for a chance to win £100 to spend on Millionaire Beauty products!

We're giving 3 lucky winners £100 to spend on Millionaire Beauty products! 3 runners up £25 to spend on any products.

To enter the Acne Attack Challenge:

  • Use the products in the Millionaire Acne Attack Bundle or Millionaire Acne Attack Pro Bundle
  • Take a before picture (it can be a full face, side of the face or forehead)
  • Take a picture of the products you used for 21 days
  • Take an after picture at the end of the 21 days
  • Send all three pictures to
  • The team will choose 3 winners and 3 runners up

Good luck on your skincare journey and get ready to glow from the 21 day Acne Attack Challenge!




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