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A british business through and through

Millionaire Beauty is British through and through. We specialise in UK-made, carefully thought out skin care products, designed to target specific issues like acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

 These are issues that affect many women, regardless of their skin type and colour - and it's why we spend a long time creating and testing our products, using only natural ingredients and only UK suppliers.

I start testing the products at the very start of the process - then I see how it all works when it goes into production. I have a good relationship with Tony, who oversees all the production - we talk about everything from grandchildren to Brexit!

My fulfillment company is local so I can keep a close eye on how my products are packaged. It's important to me to be a home grown business - I'm conscious of my carbon footprint and I feel like I'm feeding into the UK economy.

So when I say I know everything about my products, I really do! I don't leave it to anyone else - I'm there at every stage of the process" Jas Braich, owner of Millionaire Beauty

Some of my favourite Millionaire products:

Millionaire Melting Magic - one of the first UK-made products I created and without a doubt one of the best. It gently exfoliates and if you use it with retinol MAX, wow, you'll notice the difference. It paves the way to help the retinol really penetrate.

It has to be Millionaire Super Nova - the best facial oil on the market. It brightens skin, lifts dark under eye circles and feels amazing. It also reduces age spots and rehydrates dry, damaged skin.

And for the ultimate in skin protection, City Defence is my all-time favourite. Packed with Vitamin C and niacinamide, it defends the skin from irritants and pollution, reduces redness and inflammation and repairs, restructures and moisturises beautifully.

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