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How does diet affect my skin?

How does diet affect my skin? | Millionaire Beauty

It's not just a gut feeling!

It’s true – as Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut.”

More than 80% of our body’s immunity is housed in the gut along with hundreds of naturally occurring bacteria. Some help with digestion but some contribute to making us unwell.

An unhealthy gut can have a big impact on our health – and it can definitely show in our skin. It can cause inflammation and lead to spots, eczema and rosacea. Microbiome, found in your intestines, is the bacteria that has the most effect on our skin. A balanced diet and a reliable skincare routine is the way to beautiful skin you can love to show off.

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You are what you eat

Food isn’t just nutrition to keep you going – it also feeds your gut’s bacteria. Depression, stress and anxiety can also have an impact on your overall health.

So – if you eat well, you're looking after the good bacteria in your digestive system and your intestines, which improves your overall health and therefore improves your skin.

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My tips to a healthy gut – a healthy diet:

  • Eat a balanced diet – lots of plant-based foods, food that are rich in fibre, fruit, vegetables, pulses, nuts and wholegrains. Avoid highly processed foods

  • Take in probiotics (live bacteria), especially if you’re on a course of antibiotics – live yoghurt is excellent and encourages microbe growth, which helps to keep your gut healthy

  • Extra-virgin olive oil is super microbe-friendly so lets go mediterranean ladies

  • Artichokes, lettuce, chicory, leeks, shallots, onions and garlic are excellent for promoting good gut bacteria.

And would you believe – pickles are good! This is because the good bacteria found in fermented products improves digestion and boost immunity.

Plus, exercise frequently and try not to get too stressed. Learn calming techniques for when you feel anxious.

 If you do get a break-out:

  • Keep skin super clean with Skin Glow Face Wash - it's a gentle every day cleanser.

  • Exfoliate using Melting Magic – AHAs like Glycolic Acid gently melt away dead skin cells, reducing acne scarring and leaving fresher, clearer skin.

  • retinol MAX – it’s Vitamin A-based and stops skin cells from becoming sticky, reduces blocked pores and prevents blackheads from forming. Used sparingly, retinol reduces the redness and inflammation associated with acne. retinol MAX also contains marine collagen and hyaluronic acid to soothe and even out skin.

  • City Defence – a lovely and light moisturiser, perfect if you suffer with acne breakouts. Vitamin C and niacinamide are both great at soothing, repairing and restructuring. Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory and skin brightener – good for reducing redness and evening out skin tone.

  • Flawless Corrective Serum with azelaic acid – a miracle acne reducer – azelaic acid is an unbeatable acne saviour and was once only available on prescription. This fantastic anti-bacterial acne treatment is new to Millionaire Beauty for 2019 – use it as a mask at night, dab on individual spots to soothe and vanish, or apply as a skin toner in the morning.

skincare products that work

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