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It's time for you to learn Yoga and Meditation - You'll Thank me

It's time for you to learn Yoga and Meditation - You'll Thank me | Millionaire Beauty

These last few weeks you've spoken to you're closest friends daily and now your conversations are starting to repeat. BBC News has been playing in the background like depressing ambient music and somewhere in your life there is an elderly relative wondering why they are being imprisoned by their kids. 

It's time for a change and you need a new hobby that heals the body and mind... 

OK we wont start by standing on our heads but we can start with breathing exercises to help reduce stress, anxiety and put you in a calm state. YouTube is packed with breathing exercise videos to reduce anxiety and focus the mind, you may want to intertwine this with your own faith, time to worship pray or connect to the the universe - or this could be your daily moment of silence to escape and literally catch your breath. Thrown down a mat and some zen water sounds and take a deep breath.

Involve your family, or at least let them know this is something you are doing. Many positions don't need you to be super strong bendy but with practice they will build your strength and flexibility. Start with some easy poses like Mountain, Warrior or Downward Dog. Remind your family you need space and time on your own. This doesn't mean they'll listen but eventually they'll see this is important to you.

Get the kids doing it and you might discover a few moments of quiet at home. you can even make a challenge out of it, who can hold the pose the longest?

Get your other half involved, you could soon be strengthening your relationship with your partner and getting healthy together while you can't get to the gym.

By the end of this virus quarantine you could be enjoying acrobatic yoga skills and have a new hobby together for life... Or you might be able to touch your toes with out straining something, either way this could be great for your relationship.

You can take it to the garden and get sunlight and fresh air while you breath and stretch. Less stress, a little daily sunlight and deep breathing are important to your physical and mental health and make a huge difference to the health of your skin. 

A newer bendier you may emerge from isolation after mastering the bridge or downward facing dog. 

Now roll out that yoga mat (or a duvet) having a lie down and maybe catch a micro nap... if anyone asks you are busy having an out of body astral experience. You enjoy that quiet moment, use it to reduce your worries, stress and anxiety. Reconnect and be in the moment, find your inner peace once a day and you will thank me x

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