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Should You Exfoliate If You Have Hormonal Acne?

Should You Exfoliate If You Have Hormonal Acne?

If you're suffering with hormonal acne and you're unsure why or how to get rid of it, don't feel alone!

Many of us will experience hormonal acne between the ages of 18 and anywhere up to 50 due to many different causes. Although not all hormonal acne is curable, it's likely that you will be able to prevent and calm hormonal breakouts in most cases. 

Before trying to treat and prevent hormonal acne, you need to try and figure out your main causes. 

Causes Of Hormonal Acne That You Can Treat At Home :

  • Dead skin cells building up and clogging your pores 

  • Excess sebum production 

  • Bacteria 

Causes Of Hormonal Acne That You Can Improve On :

  • Stress

  • Using beauty and cosmetic products that are too oily for your skin or contain ingredients that clog pores 

  • Not getting enough sleep depending on your age and lifestyle 

Causes Of Hormonal Acne That You Can't Control And Are Harder To Calm And Prevent :

  • Family history of acne

  • Changing hormone levels in women, this could be from your period or having irregular periods and also during pregnancy, menopause or after taking birth control

  • Side effects of any medication you take

  • Men undergoing testosterone treatments

Now you should have a rough idea of what could be causing your hormonal acne, and if not, try limiting down the list of causes. 

To answer the question - Should You Exfoliate If You Have Hormonal Acne? Absolutely!

Regardless of what's causing your hormonal acne breakouts, it's important to implement and stick to the right skincare routine for your skin. A good skincare routine can help calm, prevent and control your breakouts. 

Preventing and calming acne breakouts requires exfoliating regularly using a gentle formula and also using an organic cleanser that works deep into the pores to remove acne causing bacteria and soothe inflammation. 

The Benefits Of Regularly Exfoliating Acne Prone Skin :

  • Removes built up dead skin and excess oils that could be clogging your pores 

  • Helps fade and prevent acne scarring 

  • Minimises the size of pimples a lot faster

  • Smooths skin texture 

  • Brightens skin complexion and evens skin tone

When choosing acne treatments, you want to look for products that contain AHA's, active ingredients and organic essential oils which all work together to treat acne deep into your skin. 

Products To Try For Treating Hormonal Acne :

Millionaire Deep Melt - Everyday Exfoliation Serum 

Exfoliation serum

This skin serum gently melts away dead skin cells, reduces acne scarring and fades away pigmentation and discolouration by working deep into the layers of the skin.

It contains a unique combination of different natural AHAs, active ingredients, essential oils and natural ancient remedies which are all power ingredients when it comes to treating acne breakouts.

Use Deep Melt 1-2 times a day and you'll notice a difference within the first 30 days! 

Flawless Corrective - Medical Grade Acne Treatment

Acne treatment

Millionaire Flawless Corrective Serum for spots and acne contains Azelaic Acid – a clinically proven acne reducer and skin brightener!

It uses Azelaic Acid and retinol to help reduce redness, dark patches, scarring and pigmentation. The ingredients actively brighten the skin and reduce the production of keratin, one of the causes of blocked pores that leads to acne breakouts.

Use Flawless Corrective whenever you can feel a spot coming - you just dab it on a few times a day and leave it and it'll calm the skin instantly and stop the spot from forming.

Millionaire Organic Tamanu and Tea Tree Cleanser- For Oily or Acne Skin

Tea tree cleanser

The first step to everyday acne prone skincare routine needs to be cleansing!

This creamy, organic cleanser is designed to rid your skin of grime, make-up and dead skin cells, it also uses tea tree and tamanu to help balance your skin and treat any signs of acne. 

Millionaire Organic Grapeseed Oil - 100% Organic And Cold Pressed

Grapeseed oil for acne

A common skincare myth is that you should never use oils on your skin if you're acne prone or if your skin type is oily. That's incorrect! You're safe to use facial oils as long as they are made from organic, natural ingredients and are anti pore clogging.

Grapeseed oil contains high levels of linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that can help control acne by decreasing clogged pores. It may seem counterproductive to add oil onto oily skin however the linoleic acid helps prevent breakouts and the oil in general helps with lightening any scarring. 


Looking for an entire skincare routine for acne prone skin? Try Millionaire Beauty's Acne Attack Pro Bundle, now on sale!

Skincare routine for acne prone skin


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