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5 More Things You Can Do in Your 40s To Take Care of Your Skin

5 More Things You Can Do in Your 40s To Take Care of Your Skin | Millionaire Beauty

Since you lovely ladies loved 5 Things You Can Do in Your 40s To Take Care of Your Skin, here is 5 more things you can do to make sure you maintain beautiful, flawless skin!

We know it can be difficult to remember everything when it comes to your skin, especially when you are busy putting everyone else first! But try to incorporating some of these tips and we promise you will start seeing improvements in your skin health.

  1. Sleeping well

We’re going to kick this off with one of the most important things in life. Sleep. Sleep is not only important for our overall health, but also for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. However, once we reach our 40s, sleep impacts our skin too. Whether it’s a late night with the girls or too much alcohol, it will all show on your face once you hit 40s so a full 7 – 9 hours is vital to maintaining a youthful look. This is also a great time of eye serums and moisturisers to allow them to sink in and work their magic. 


  1. Using serums before bed

If you haven’t already, you must include a serum into your night-time routine once you hit 40. Serums usually have anti-ageing properties that are not usually found in other skincare products.

Our Matrix DNA is a powerful anti-ageing serum! Matrix DNA contains Matrixyl 3000 which reduces wrinkles by up to 60%. Matrix DNA works at a genetic level to smooth wrinkles, improve tone and boost elasticity. This is one you shouldn't miss!

  1. Pay attention to the eyes

Once you enter your 40s, your eyes can start to visibly age as you lose volume in the skin around the eyes. There are ways to combat this and keep the skin looking plump and youthful. Our Lip & Eye Rescue is filled with hyaluronic acid, Jojoba butter and Vitamin C to brighten dark under eye circles and target fine lines and wrinkles. Millionaire Lip & Eye Rescue reduces puffiness to give the under eyes a smoother appearance, acting as a primer and giving you a great base for your make-up.


  1. Consistency is key

One of the most important components of skincare – that is often overlooked – is consistency. Having a consistent skincare routine throughout your 40s will set you up for fantastic skin at 50. According to some professional, having a thorough and consistent skincare routine from your early 20s is ideal and it will prevent a lot of the issues that usually arise during your 40s.

So, removing makeup up, wearing sunscreen, exfoliating, moisturising and leading a healthy lifestyle is key. 


  1. Investing in quality products

In the past decades, grabbing any old product off the drugstore shelf would’ve sufficed. However, as you enter your 40s, your skin will require a little more care, love and attention.  

That is why, here at Millionaire Beauty we pack our products with active ingredients that actually work! From hyaluronic acid to Matrixyl 300, we have it all! It is important to look at what the ingredient are in skincare before making a purchase. Products with little or no active ingredients simply do not work. Head over to the Millionaire Beauty website to find the perfect products for your skin today.

Let us know what you've been doing to take care of your skin on our social media because sharing is caring x 

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