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Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) of Melting Magic - Everything You Need to Know

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) of Melting Magic - Everything You Need to Know | Millionaire Beauty

Active ingredients have been the talk of the town recently and they can be confusing at the best of times! From AHA’s to BHA’s to Salicylic acid, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed. Learn more about one of our favourite ingredients for brighter skin! found in our best seller - Melting Magic

That is why we are here to make things a little easier for you to understand and break things up.

Today’s topic: AHA’s!

What are AHAs?

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a group of acids derived from plants and animals that are used in a range of skincare products.

There are 7 types of AHA’s that are typically used in skincare products in skincare. These are:

  • citric acid (from citrus fruits)
  • glycolic acid (from sugar cane)
  • hydroxycaproic acid (from royal jelly)
  • hydroxycaprylic acid (from animals)
  • lactic acid (from lactose or other carbohydrates)
  • malic acid (from fruits)
  • tartaric acid (from grapes)

The two most common and most trusted are glycolic and lactic acid, because they are least likely to cause irritation.

What do AHA’s actually do?

  1. Exfoliate


One of AHA’s primary functions is to exfoliate your skin (without all the hard work of scrubbing!). Exfoliation is when your skin cells shed off, helping to remove dead skin cells, making way for new skin cells. As we age, our skins cycle slows down, causing a build-up of dead skin cells on our skin. This then dulls your complexion.

To make things worse, this exact build-up of dead skin cells can also heighten other skin issues such as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Acne


  1. Skin brightening

Once these acids have exfoliated your skin, all the dead skin cells are broken down, revealing the new skin underneath, which is brighter and more radiant.

Glycolic acid works to break down the cell accumulation whereas citric acid brightens the skin!


  1. Encourage collagen production

Collagen is the protein-rich fibre which keeps your skin looking healthy, plump and smooth. With age, these exact fibres break down resulting in sagging skin. Sun damage can also accelerate this breakdown, which is why SPF is so important!

Collagen is stored in the middle layer of your skin – the dermis. When the most outer layer of your skin – the epidermis – is removed, the AHA’s can get to work on the dermis. AHA’s encourage the production of collagen fibres by destroying the old fibres, making way for new ones.


  1. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

AHA’s are renowned for their anti-ageing effects. They reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A study found that 9 out of 10 people who used AHA’s over three weeks saw a significant difference to their skin texture!


  1. Simulate blood flow to the skin

AHA’s have anti-inflammatory properties which simulate blood flow to the skin, helping to correct pale or dull complexion. This blood flow is important, and it ensures the skin cells are getting the nutrients from the oxygen-rich red blood cells.

  1. AHA’s minimise discolouration

Discolouration on the skin can be the result of age. Flat brown spots may be the result of sun exposure and tend to appear on your chest, hands and face.

Because AHA’s promote cell turn over, the skin that appears is evenly pigmented. Therefore, the long-term use of AHA’s can reduce skin discolouration.


  1. Help treat and prevent acne

AHA’s are one of the best active ingredients used to fight those stubborn blemishes.

Acne spots occur when your pores/ hair follicles are blocked with dead skin, sebum (oil) and bacteria.

Using AHA’s to exfoliate the skin can help rid your skin of clogged pores and continued use may also help prevent those pores being clogged in the future.

AHA’s also have the potential of reducing the size of enlarged pored which are typically found on acne-prone skin.

As for those stubborn acne scars, the cell turnover from the glycolic and lactic acid can reduce the visibility of those scars.

The results from using AHA’s can take up to two to three months before a significant difference is made to your acne. Therefore, patience is key when it comes to skincare.



Now you know all the amazing benefits of AHA’s, here is the perfect AHA’s skincare routine the Millionaire Beauty way!

  1. Exfoliate with Peel and Polish


Peel and Polish is a rich and creamy exfoliator which contains Vitamin C, AHAs and BHAs that brighten, exfoliate and hydrate, leaving skin perfectly soft. When using our trusted Peel and Polish, you can actually feel the old, bad skin coming off, making your skin look brighter and younger and paving the way for serums and moisturisers to do what they do best - revitalising and nourishing your skin!

Peel and Polish removed dead skin cells, brighten, lifts, fights fatigue and so much more!


Use up to twice a week for the best results.


  1. Max and Magic


If you really want to see results - brighter skin, less pigmentation, dark patches vanished and acne scarring reduced - use Magic to exfoliate and MAX to rejuvenate. They're like the Beckhams - a true 'power couple'!


Used together, these products are definitely a game changer in skin care.
The AHAs in Millionaire Melting Magic work with retinol to rejuvenate the skin, boost collagen production, accelerate cell turnover, break down pigmentation, reduce acne scarring and dark patches, brighten skin tone, unclog pores - phew, the list goes on!


Millionaire Melting Magic contains Five AHAs for super exfoliation and MAX has 1% retinol + hyaluronic acid + marine collagen. It's pretty powerful plus we've added oils and vitamins to help the skin repair and restructure. 


  1. Moisturise


One thing we are always going on about is moisturisation! For many people, all their skin problems could be dealt with if they just moisturised.


So, when developing City Defence, we thought: ‘Why not go the extra mile and make a product that not only moisturises but also protects?’

City Defence contains 20% Vitamin C (natural skin brightener) and 7% niacinamide (Vitamin B12 - strengthens and reduces blemishes) to protect the skin's elastin and collagen from pollution, harmful chemicals, environmental damage, UV light and biological threats.

A perfect skincare routine all in one place!

How old you are is your business. How old you look is ours.

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