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Still Getting Acne in Our 30s? Read this!

Still Getting Acne in Our 30s? Read this! | Millionaire Beauty

With puberty stopping almost a decade and a half ago, I’m sure you were hoping for the rollercoaster ride of inconsistent hormone levels to come to a halt, particularly the smother of acne that covered your skin. So why are you still dealing with acne in your 30’s?

The answer to that question is below!

In your teenage years, hormones played the biggest role as to why you were suffering from acne. Acne is caused by your sebum (oil) glands getting clogged with bacteria. The hormone androgen causes sebum pores to active and work in overdrive. This therefore illustrates as to why acne increases in young boys and girls when they are going through puberty. Once you’re past puberty, your hormone levels begin to standardise. However, women experience acne more than men, because of their menstrual cycle occurs once a month.

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However, that still doesn’t answer the question as to why you’re experiencing acne in your 30’s. Extensive research has been carried out to try and pinpoint what the cause of acne is, and there are 3 top reasons.

  1. The first and probably the most obvious are your hormones. Especially with women, acne is more prevalent, particularly during their reproductive years. Moreover, men and women who taking hormone contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy, may also suffer from acne as a side effect.
  2. The second reason as to why you have acne in your 30’s is high levels of stress, which is understandable when you have entered your 30’s. From building families to building careers, it is a time where you are constantly busy and there don’t seem be enough hours in the day.
  3. Your genetics. I guess this is one thing you can blame mum and dad for. If your immediate relative have dealt with acne, there is a higher chance that you too will deal with adult acne.

There are other factors that can contribute to your acne. This can range from certain medications to underlying medical conditions.

How to solve the issue

Acne is one of those things that you can only understand if you’ve dealt with it. It can knock your confidence and make you want to stay at home all day. However, acne can be dealt with in multiple ways.

Many blogs have been written about good skincare routines but we know moisturising isn't enough during a flare up, 

At Millionaire beauty we recommend these changes to your skincare routine:

  1. Exfoliate using our wonderful Peel and Polish Exfoliator.

Exfoliation is the start of any good skin care routine.Chemical skin peels leave the skin vulnerable and exposed to sun and environmental damage, but we've created our own skin peel range that's gentle. It'll never leave skin vulnerable - just glowing and fresh-looking. A highly moisturising exfoliator which is high in Vitamin C so it heals the rather than attacks the already sensitive skin.

  1. Treat using our Flawless Corrective Serum. This serum is made for spots and acne and contains Azelaic Acid – a clinically proven miracle acne reducer and skin brightener. We call it our GLOW serum because it improves skin brightness, reduces pigmentation and saves your face! It's an unbeatable acne saviour, helping to treat the symptoms of acne and reduce redness and rosacea:


  1. Hydrate using our Millionaire City Defence Vitamin C Moisturiser. City Defence contains 20% Vitamin C (natural skin brightener) and 7% niacinamide (Vitamin B12 - strengthens and reduces blemishes) to protect the skin's elastin and collagen from pollution, harmful chemicals, environmental damage, UV light and biological threats.


Sticking to a great Millionaire Beauty skincare routine may be able to treat your adult acne and calm the angry flare up's when they show up!



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